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Expand Your Horizons By Rebuilding Your Credit

Gone are the days of buying things you can’t afford, skipping credit card payments and making minimum-only payments. Improving your credit score means staying well below your credit limit and paying your credit card bills on time, possibly in full.

Your credit history and credit score tell lenders a lot about your money habits and are designed to give them an idea of what their risk is if they loan you money. Our Finance Team spends time to understand your finance and credit situation and customize a plan that will meet your requirements. Our goal is to make customers for life. We want you to return to us for your next purchase so we make sure to make it possible for you to buy your dream car now and make it even easier for you in future by providing you with an affordable, low interest rate and flexible terms.

Bad Credit?

At PEEL CARS SALES, we understand that Bankruptcy ruins an individual’s credit, however, we believe in new beginnings. Although most of Car Loan Lenders wouldn’t accept Bankruptcy Credit Applications, we do! We are committed to help you rebuild your credit and put you behind the wheels.

Simply Apply Here and we will certainly contact you back to discuss your application.


re you a student or a recent graduate and in need of transportation? We all have been there. The days that you have a university loan to pay, looking to start a career and need a vehicle that helps you to get to work.

Getting a car loan is one of the best way to build or rebuild your credit. Our finance team specializes in working with students and new graduates. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms to make the dream of driving your own car a reality.

Located at 2765 Derry Rd East, Mississauga, ON L4T1A3, we proudly assist many students from York University. It is so rewarding to assist the young generation in the beginning of the new chapter of their lives. It is wonderful to see smile on their faces as they drive away with their own car. It feels so good to know that you touched people’s life by helping them to be on the right credit path.


Please Apply online or give us a call at +1-905-678-0048 or email us your questions. Our finance consultant would be happy to assist you and answer to any questions you have. We will make your shopping experience unforgettable!

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